I was motivated to create the character of “UKRifter” in order to have a channel through which I could produce friendly and reserved tech videos and articles. I wanted to directly support developers, who I quickly learned would often not have a clue around marketing their genius, and do so without the ubiquitous, burgeoning vanity and egotism of YouTube “personalities”.
I avoid clickbait hack jobs on software titles, I have always opted to provide positive reviews publicly and constructive criticism privately (faltering only once when I questioned the safety of IR Laser trackers and proved that the internet doesn’t understand irony). This approach takes up a lot of my time and reduces the volume of content I publish, however, it has allowed me to build great relationships with VR development houses and individuals.
Outside of VR, I have an interesting and stimulating career, I have had no interest in using the VR industry to increase my wealth or personal fame, for this reason I feel I have maintained the integrity of the UKRifter persona.
On a personal level, I am an introvert, quite the opposite to the character I portray, I enjoy VR and the process of writing articles and creating the videos. I have a lovely and talented wife – Penny – and 3 crazy boys. They are the reason I get up in the morning, but it’s great to have UKRifter as my creative outlet.
As VR has become more mainstream, my channel is now considerably less unique, but as I was never in it for the fame I now enjoy helping new VR tech channels get off the ground. My motivations remain the same, but it is the people of VR that make this worthwhile, the devs, enthusiastic amateurs, gamers, technical pioneers, they are all a joy to interact with.
ukrifter (a t) gmail <d ot> com

Pseudonym: UKRifter
Real Name: Christopher Gray
Age: 40 something
Sex: Male
Last Known Location: UK 😉
Alignment: Chaotic Lawful
Favorite Beer: Blue Moon
Dream Car: Ariel Atom
Favorite Quote: “When you look back on your life, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the ones you did.”
Celebrity Crush: Bjork
Description of self: Charmingly befuddled, self deprecating Englishman

Voice Acting

I offer free of charge Voice Acting services exclusively to VR projects. A voice sample is available here http://bit.ly/UKRiftersVoice, please contact me if you require my services ukrifter (at) gmail. To date I have acted on the following titles:

  • Mervils
  • Starfighter Arduxim
  • Flying Aces
  • Dragon Flyer VR

Mentions in the wild:

Flying Aces(Voice Actor)
Arch Virtual
Bolverk Games (+ here)
Guided Meditation VR
Darryl Dempsey
Bin Software

The Nicest Things People Have Ever Said 😉

A collection of quotes from the interwebs about UKRifter

“… I subscribed and have spent the last 2 days (into the wee hours of the morn) watching his vids. He’s the Charlie Brooker of VR and I’m besotted.” – Chris C

“The second he starts obnoxiously screaming for no reason like most popular you tubers is the day I stop watching his videos forever, his videos are great imo no need for change at all.” – Daniel Mallog

 “It is a a rare occurrence that the first second of a video makes me press the Like button. 🙂 This was one of those moments.” – Asher Taz

“I just got off work and watched this …to the end ….I am humbled by your shout out , I got palpitations… Wow man ….seriously dude ,I’m welling up for real lol …. no watching the edit for me, Great review Chris :)” – Zarran

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