Fast Action Hero is like starring in a John Woo Movie

I gaze down, in my hands are two gleaming revolvers. Glancing up I see movement just to the left of the run down seedy motel building. The stars are out, the air is still. A shot rings out. My senses explode into focus, time slows, the bullet spins toward me, I shift to the left and watch it pass my ear and shatter the plaster wall next to me. Normal time is resumed, I quickly empty 12 shots into the figure, he falls in a bloody heap from his shadowy hiding place.

This is the most fun wave shooter I have played on the HTC Vive so far.

Fast Action Hero is a wave shooter, but it’s fair to say that not all wave shooters are created equal. This one is particularly enjoyable because of its simplicity. You can stand at a single point or slide around pre-defined vantage points. The characters are suited “baddies” who have some level of AI, finding points to shoot from an storming your position when the time is right.

Ultimately the game taps into the raw animal enjoyment of defending yourself against a burgeoning enemy force and blowing them away.

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This isn’t a AAA title, but it isn’t priced that way. On steam it costs £8.99 GBP $11.99 USD (at time of writing) it is fair. It’s early access and under continual development, it’s great right now and I can’t wait to see how it pans out.


  • Bullet time : slow time until you can see and dodge the lead flying past your head;
  • 3D sound : hear bullets zoom past your ears and crash into your living room;
  • Destruction : walls shatter and collapse, furniture and debris fly by! But your defenses are just as fragile as those of your enemies;
  • Movement : abandon a wrecked cover or flank an enemy with the navigation system. Point to your destination and try to survive the epic run that follows;
  • Localized damage on enemies, varied armor schemes, equipment and weapons;
  • Track your health, score and kill-count on your HUD;

Dev Wish List: Slightly less over the top weapon discharge effects. More deformable scenery. Exploding items (cars, barrels, etc). More weapons.

Gameplay: 7 Jefferi

Telepresence: 8 Jefferi

Value: 9.5 Jefferi

Overall: 8 Jefferi

by Christopher Gray aka UKRifter
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