UKRifter's Corporate Hollywood Movie Plot Generator

Calling all Hollywood Producers. Stuck for ideas for your next blockbuster. Then why not use my Film Cookie Cutter. Each Film is unique, so reload for another classic to be.

Here is your Movie - One of an incredible 86526620200 septillion possible combinations!

This Halloween at a web video site near you . From the wise Screenwriter Lisa Carr who was the brains behind such motion pictures as "June means Jackal " and the heart stopping "Black Complex ", the motion picture that critics are calling "a waste of my life which sadly I cannot get back ".

Nighttime of the Toyko

He was a nice man's man, who had a a phobia of snakes and a song in his heart. She was a strapping mother who captained lifeboats for the Scottish rescue services and yearned for the taste of blood. Together they travelled to the Moon. Fighting osama bin laden and helping the aged.

I don't know about you, but I smell an oscar. You have your idea now get writing or HIT RELOAD on your browser for another blockbuster screenplay idea.

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