New Rating System – The Jefferey

My game reviews are in desperate need of a frame of reference, and what better than my adorable mascot – Jefferey the absurdly named female hamster.

So from now on I will score in Jeffereys, Jefferi?. 10 Jeffery’s being the ultimate score a game could reach.

For example. I would give Eve Valerie the following scores. Let’s hope I don’t have to use the 0.5 too frequently.






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  1. Nice humor you got 😀

    And i share the opinion, that EvE Valkyrie is at best rated 50%. It lacks interesting gameplay, as it is nothing more than an impressive graphic demo (the part it does really good). Lack of Hotas support was one of the biggest downsides for me… releasing a cockpit game without supporting proper input support is a no go for me. I have to confess though, that i didnt check, if that was patched in recently. Anyways, when it comes to space combat, nothing beats Elite Dangerous.

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