Unbreakable VR Runner, I need a bit of a sit down

Unbreakable VR Runner is an enjoyable title in the “runner” genre of games. A runner genre involves travelling down an endless – and in this case; dynamically generated – corridor, avoiding obstacles. These games demand quick reflexes and are a lot of fun for a casual gamer.

When brought into the VR sphere, a runner game becomes something even more fun. A cardio runner. Those twists, turns, ducks and dives your hands communicated into your joypad or keyboard have been replaced with your entire body. Let’s just say that the end result is both fun and exhausting. When exercise is so much fun your forget your are exercising, you truly have hit the holy grail, this certainly gets close to that goal.

As you will see in my play-through below, I got pretty tired pretty quickly as I dodged all manner of swinging, spinning and slicing objects. It was the right balance of humour & peril and after my recording was done I kept playing it.

Coupled with the fact that this is early access, developing daily and a mere £4.79 on the steam store right now, it’s a must have if you want to get your blood pumping in VR.

Gameplay: 7 Jefferi

Telepresence: 6.5 Jefferi

Value: 8.5 Jefferi

Overall: 7.5 Jefferi

by Christopher Gray aka UKRifter
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