UKRifter's Corporate Mission Statement Generator

If you want to get ahead in business today you must win the rat race. If you think that you can win the rat race with a fancy diploma and being good at your job then think again. It is all about slipping as many buzzwords into your meetings as you possibly can. Only then will you command the respect you so rightfully diserve, your peers and bosses will be so impressed with your knowledge of popular corporate idioms that you will float to the very upper echelons of executive management.

Here is your freshly served set of buzzwords formed into a strategically alignable buzzphrase, quick, there isn't much time, slip it into your conversation now! Worried it doesn't quite fit? Don't worry, just hit reload to get another!

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Christopher Gray aka UKRifter is a futurist, author & leading expert and consultant in the field of Virtual Reality & associated technologies. Based in London, England, he is available for consultancy functions, tech interviews, technology reviews, commissioning articles and voice acting roles. He is an active YouTube & Twitch personality. Christopher is available via host of social media channels. Connect today, preference ranked by colour from most active through to least used.

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