The Problem with Reality

Reality has pulled me away from the Virtual realm again.

Recently I was diagnosed with a fairly common form of skin cancer which I am reliably informed can be treated with surgery and is typically non-aggressive. Sadly it is on my forehead and my doctor has recommended that I avoid the pressure of a VR headset on that whole area. I have had one minor biopsy procedure, this has healed well, next is a second larger operation which will take a lot longer to heal. The type of surgery I am having is called Mohs and it has the lowest rates of cancer recurrence, so – Flying Spaghetti Monster willing – hopefully this will be my last such operation.

I made a bunch of recordings before my diagnosis and I will drip feed them to my channel over the next few weeks. I would estimate that I won’t be putting an HMD back on my face until the end of August, if ever again.

You would imagine that being pulled away from VR, a hobby I loved for so long, would leave me pining, but frankly, it hasn’t. VR is still a wonder of our age but it has paled into insignificance with all events considered. The stress of waiting for results, being poked, prodded & sliced, well, it has triggered a bit of an existential crisis. A great deal of highly unhelpful “what ifs” have been flowing through my mind. I haven’t really enjoyed leaving the house, I feel self-conscious, I deeply dislike being in the sun, hiding behind a big stupid hat and dark sunglasses. Funny, all it has taken is this little problem to highlight how ill-prepared I am for bad news. Weak.

For now my VR equipment is gathering dust, nobody in my house is in the mood to use it. Let’s see how things pan out. Never say never. I am strongly drawn to return just for the fact I enjoy interacting with the VR community.

As always – thank you very much for your support. VR was the reason I started this, you are the reason I have kept doing it.