Black & White

16th March 2022 ukrifter 0

We are told that the world is black and white. Politics, wars, debates, choices, thoughts they are black and they are white. You are either […]

Into the Gloom once more

21st February 2022 ukrifter 0

My story is not unique. My struggle was no greater than those impacted by the pandemic. The issues I experienced utterly insignificant in comparison to […]

The Sultan’s Wish

20th January 2022 ukrifter 0

While the origins are not well known, a story was first documented in the early 19th century. It tells of a sultan who asked a […]

The Mind Killer

18th January 2022 ukrifter 0

In Frank Herbert’s Dune – The Bene Gesserit are a matriarchal group, key in the novel series as a social, religious, and – always indirectly […]

The Problem with Reality

7th July 2017 ukrifter 0

Reality has pulled me away from the¬†Virtual realm again. Recently¬†I was diagnosed with a fairly common form of skin cancer which I am reliably informed […]