What is going on with Marvel Powers United VR?

What is going on? Are people seriously trying to kid themselves that Marvel Powers United VR is anything other than a repetitive, grindy, waveshooter. But it’s worse, it’s not even a GOOD waveshooter? This is no “Raw Data”, there is no peril, there is no challenge, there is NOTHING. This is essentially as much fun as tidying my game room, hoovering up bad guys with on-rails shooting mechanics. After 10 minutes (2 of which I was initially enthused by the really cool looking prologue) I was completely bored. Bare in mind I was playing multiplayer which I thought would add a fun element to it… but no… it was like cleaning my game room with random strangers, because it’s basically impossible to play in a private party. I thought… stick with it chap, so I tried a different level, IT WAS MORE OF THE SAME MIND NUMBING NONSENSE. Honestly you couldn’t pay me to play this game again. It’s about 1 hour of gameplay for the more ardent Marvel fan (8 years old, has marvel PJs) who will want to try all the characters. For the rest of us, it’s a poorly optimised, overhyped, marvel universe meme fest with zero substance, zero gameplay and zero charisma. IMHO.

Hang on, an 11 year old Marvel obsessed kid… I have one of those, he has Marvel PJs, Marvel Posters & Toys, even a Marvel duvet cover 🙂 Here is his opinion:

“Pretty good… Bit glitchy.” <30 minutes later>. “How do I exit this level… Can I play Gorn.”

Basically, as predicted, he liked the prologue, he liked trying out a couple of characters and their powers, the game was fun for a bit but he got bored after completing just one wave shooting level. He lasted ~15 minutes in the game. Even trying out new characters wasn’t enough of a draw. He prefers Gorn (in low violence mode).

So, am I surprised, I suppose not. This was never going to be a great VR game. The Marvel brand caused an instant and meteoric overhyping, no game would be able to satisfy the expectations set in people’s minds. Also, no Iron Man, really?!

My frustrating and ranting was more directed at the YouTubers that knowingly promote this tosh, triggering hardworking VR fans to waste their money. Never trust a paid review.

Some videos:

Initial gameplay (multiplayer)

Marvel Rant – the video

11 Year Old Gameplay Part 1

11 Year Old Gameplay Part 2


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